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Message from Managing Director

We offer a full range of specialist engineering consultancy services complete with our own in-house proprietary software that has been developed and tailored to the Energy business. As a service provider, we are always proactive and listen to the voice of our customers to fully understand their needs. No task is too daunting or challenging, as we have the backing and support of a multinational Corporate Organization who drives the business in meeting the aims/goals of our shareholders. Within VAIL, our greatest asset is our people who are qualified in all engineering disciplines, multi-tasking, highly motivated and wanting to serve our customers always.

The VAIL business is focused on supporting our customers wherever they are working in managing the integrity of their operational assets to maximize efficiency, reliability, and costs. New projects offer us fresh challenges, while existing plants are becoming more aged and in need of more effective maintenance with the view to fit for purpose and life extension.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality virtual learning services that come at an affordable price. We believe that every one should have the chance to access high quality education from the best experts. At VTIOC, we are proud to connect experts from across the globe without any borders.

Our Vision

At VTIOC, we believe in Expertise, Integrity, Passion and Excellence. These are the core values of our company that differentiate how we deal with our clients from others.

Our Team

Our team consists of highly educated professionals having Doctorate, Masters, Professors, Lecturer, and School Teachers


Abdul Hameed


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Customers Kindful Words

Our customers from all over the world appreciate our hard work and provide us the valuable comments.


One-to-one online tution that raises grade

Tutoring is fundamentally different from class learning. Even the best classroom teachers can never give 100% of their attention to a single student. While sitting in the classroom each student has to stay on track with the class’s pace, which may sometime result in a loss of motivation and higher level of frustration. One-on-One tutoring is the most effective way to help students increase their understanding, performance and results, avoiding those issues faced in class. VTIOC’s One-on-One tutoring is tailored to meet each students learning curve and pace as per their needs and requirements.